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Grafiche Omnia S.r.l is a printing company founded in 1929 and taken over by Vasco Casini in 1982. The head office is located in Corso XXII Marzo, Milan, but at the end of the 90s, following a great investment, the company moved its production area from the city centre to Cologno Monzese, where Mr Casini bought two properties that have been renewed during the following years.


Year by year Grafiche Omnia increased its dimensions, buying more properties. Today, the company covers an area of about 5.000m2, organized in four different sections: the offices, the prepress, the printing area (with about a hundred printing machines) and the bindery.


Grafiche Omnia mainly addresses to the fashion and luxury world, in collaboration with the most well-known international brands.


Its business area has grown over time, involving some of the major countries in the world like the United States, Japan, Russia and the Emirates. The ability to realize high-quality products internalizing almost every step of the production cycle is the strength of Grafiche Omnia.

Not only allows this a quality control, but it also guarantees a fastest production.


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